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" There's no law to stop ANY person off the street grabbing a cheap machine and calling themselves professional. As shocking as this is, it's a sad fact that this industry is flooded by these operators "...
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The carpet and upholstery cleaning industry is and can be a technical minefield - it sounds crazy right? Afterall, it's only cleaning isn't it? Well actually this couldn't be further from the truth and this is where you will appreciate a real professional who will not only carry out the job to the correct industry standard but to your satisfaction too. We have therefore put together a no nonsense, gritty and  honest guide for you to download & read - do this now before you even think about hiring a cleaning company, and learn the costly mistakes that you can avoid that too many people encounter.

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That's Right, The Most Thorough Cleaning You Have Ever Seen! We are so confident that we can out clean any other company which is why we offer this guarantee. Simply, if we can't clean your furnishings any better than after someone else has so called 'cleaned' them - then you don't pay a penny!

You see, we have been cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather, rugs, curtains and hard floors for a long time now in Waltham Cross (and all surrounding areas), and are well in to our 2nd decade of giving a wonderful service. Our services are recommended by Fishpools, and we pride ourselves on client satisfaction.
Why are we different? Here are 8 reasons why you just won't find our type of service anywhere else...
NCCA Certified

This means we are certified to a certain industry standard, and we don't mean a basic entry level type of standard. The standard is called PAS86 and is in collaboration with british standards. All certified members have to pass stringent exams which cover amongst things: chemicals, manufacturing and dying, cleaning etc. Also to be a member requires that we go by a code of conduct and carry the correct double insurance. Beware of fake members. More details here
Industry's Most Powerful System Used - Giving Far Superior Results

We use what we call a 'mobile cleaning plant'. It is a system built in to our big vans that has its own power source. This produces more vacuum, pressure and heat (where necessary) that simply cleans far better than ANY other other cleaning system. This is a simple industry fact. Not only does it clean much better, it also allows items to dry quicker because we extract more soil and more moisture than any electrical system more.
Woolsafe Certified & Approved

We are WOOLSAFE certified Service Providers - and 'Fibre Care Specialists'. This means we can take care of all things wool, in the proper and correct manner thus avoiding damage to what can be a delicate fibre. We have undertaken extensive training to become certified, so why risk your expensive wool carpets to someone who has no clue? More and More. We also carry out stain removal services for WOW wool warranty holders More
LTT Certified

We are LTT (Leather Training & Technical) approved and trained (more). We can not only correctly identify what type of leather you have but the correct way to clean it. We can carry out repairs and can even restore the colour (any colour) or even transform an old leather item in to something new - with a completely different colour!
Trading Standards Approved

CleanPro are Trading Standards Approved which means we offer an honest, ethical business with client satisfaction a top priority. We guarantee not to rip you off. The Buy With Confidence scheme is for trustworthy companies only, who are fully vetted & have proven customer satisfaction feedback More
Double Insurance Protection

What does this mean for you? Well it's important - so please take note. Most cleaning individuals/companies have liability insurance - which is great because it covers your home i.e. your walls, floors & if anything gets knocked over etc. However, liability insurance doesn't cover the items a cleaning company is working on (cleaning). This is called treatments risk insurance - & we carry both this and liability insurance. So is it worth the risk? - especially if they 'do a runner' after possibly ruining your expensive items?
No Minimum Wage Staff Used

We do not employ minimum wage staff. We are not suggesting  these types of people are bad in any way (we have all been there). But this industry is really important in getting things right and not causing issues through not giving 100% and being untrained. Unfortunately we see bad cleaning/techniques and occasionally have to rectify them for the client - costing them more in the end.
Non Damaging Solutions Used

We flatly refuse to use harsh detergents like other companies. It's all about PH and the higher the PH the more damage it is going to do to your fibres. Some cleaning companies use high alkaline detergents - all to acheive a quick visible clean - leaving the high PH behind causing long term damage, especially to wool fibres. They will be long gone by then. We use the correct solutions to tackle all sorts of issues - but safely. We simply cannot remove colour for instance, unlike high PH products. In fact we are ECO friendly in our approach in all cleaning conditions. This means it's not only safe for you but also children and pets.

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We Are In To Our 2nd Decade of Being Recommended by Fishpools!
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My name is Kevin Loomes and I am about to reveal something that may upset some other so called 'carpet cleaners' but to be frank I wouldn't be mentioning anything unless it was for good reason. I have been running a professional cleaning company for many many years now and cleaning carpets in Waltham Cross with immense pride. I am the former director of the CLEAN Association and during this time I have come across many disturbing things but there is one thing that frustrates me the most, and that is companies/individuals looking to earn a quick buck - in what we call a 'Splash and Dash' service. This is essentially where someone carries out a lousy clean and then disappears as quickly as possible and can't be contacted again if a complaint arises. These people normally deliver leaflets with only a mobile number on to contact them, where the prices seem to good to be true, and where they are 'in the area for 2 weeks only' etc. We have even found where they have prices plus VAT on them, and they aren't even VAT registered! Don't even get me started on 'Bait and Switch'! (...more in our guide below).

So we feel that it's about time the whistle was blown on these people, which is why we have written a specific guide about them (and why there was a Rogue Traders episode on this). So, lets find out the...